Multichannel service

The Group has a multichannel service network comprising branch, online, telephone and mobile services. The Group provides personal customer service both at branches and digitally. The Group seeks to provide the best multichannel customer experience in the financial sector.

A change in customer behaviour and the general trend of digitisation of a number of aspects in people's daily lives will considerably change the way how financial services providers meet their customers. The Group aims to offer a channel for each particular need of the customer and enable him/her to switch flexibly between channels.

OP has made considerable investments in the development of online and mobile services. Digital services are the main channels for customers’ daily transactions in banking, insurance and wealth management services. During the financial year, OP invested in OP-mobile, for example, by developing the service to be more user-friendly and extensive and by bringing new features. Banking, non-life insurance and wealth management services are now available on mobile. For example, OP developed wealth management investment reporting for OP-mobile during the financial year. The application also enables non-life customers to file a claim. The number of OP-mobile users has already increased to the level of In 2015, the number of monthly visits averaged 10.3 million, that of OP-mobile 7.6 million and that of the Pivo mobile wallet application 1.7 million.

Despite the expansion of online and mobile services, the Group still has Finland's most extensive branch network with some 450 branches across the country. The Group's own branch network is also supported by a comprehensive agency and partnership network, which is particularly important in terms of the sale of non-life insurance policies.

As customer behaviour and demand for services change, the Group is modernising its branch concepts. An example of a new type of a future branch is the one opened in the Vallila office block in September 2015. The Vallila branch seeks to offer the best possible customer experience by promoting digitality. It also acts as the entire Group's test laboratory for new operating models and tools.

In addition to services provided at branches, customers have access to personal service by telephone and through online meetings. At online meetings, customers discuss with a bank's expert through audio/video conferencing.

The Group has extensive presence in the most common social media channels where it has more than 200,000 followers.The Group reaches its customers on Facebook and Twitter, in particular, publishing topical issues of interest to customers and other stakeholders and also replying to the general questions asked by customers. In addition to the Group national social media accounts, many member cooperative banks have their own Facebook pages where they share publications destined for local customers.

The Group wants to reach its customers through the most convenient channel for them and therefore continuously maps out new types of service encounters. During 2015, OP Financial Group was the first financial services provider to join Snapchat, a popular messaging application among teenagers, and send its first video clip on the Periscope streaming service.

The Group should open its second private hospital in Tampere in the summer of 2016. Establishing the hospital forms part of the health and wellbeing development programme whereby the Group will expand its hospital network nationwide and branch out from orthopaedics into other medical specialties.