Customer relationships and customer benefits

The number of OP Financial Group's owner-customers increased by 57,000 in the year to December to 1,491,000. Contributions made by member cooperative banks' owner-customers to the banks' Profit Shares, ordinary cooperative capital and supplementary cooperative capital totalled EUR 2.8 billion (1.9) on 31 December.

On 31 December, OP Financial Group had 4,303,000 customers (excluding the customers of POP Group banks that joined the Group) in Finland. The number of private customers totalled 3,869,000 and that of corporate customers 434,000. The number of joint banking and non-life insurance customers increased in the year to December by 66,000 to 1,656,000. The POP Group banks that joined the Group had approximately 90,000 customers.

Member cooperative banks' owner-customers and Helsinki OP Bank customers earn OP bonuses through banking and insurance transactions. The combined amount of new bonuses earned by OP bonus customers in January‒December for using OP as their main bank and insurer was worth EUR 197 million (189). A total of EUR 99 million (98) of bonuses were used to pay for banking and wealth management services and EUR 101 (95) million to pay non-life insurance premiums. OP bonuses were used to pay 2,023,000 insurance bills (1,912,000), with 273,000 (255,000) of them paid in full using bonuses. At the end of 2015, the Group updated its OP bonus scheme by abandoning the minimum transactions of EUR 5,000. OP bonuses can now be earned through all transactions entitling to the bonuses without the minimum threshold. This change enables a larger number of owner-customers to benefit from bonuses.



Non-life Insurance premier customer households were provided with EUR 79 million (73) in loyalty discounts during the financial year.

Member cooperative banks paid EUR 27 million (11) in interest on Profit Shares and supplementary cooperative capital contributions for 2014. Interest payable on the Profit Shares and supplementary cooperative capital contributions accrued during the financial year is estimated to total EUR 68 million. The return target for Profit Shares is 3.25%, calculated from the date the investment was made.