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"OP wants to take an active role as a responsible trailblazer while the financial sector is undergoing transformation apace. Our strong finance enables us to continue to increase development expenditure."

Read review by Reijo Karhinen, President and Group Executive Chairman in OP Year 2015, p. 6




We have acted in line
with our social role

As a financial services provider owned by its customers,
OP has not only its business role but also another significant role, a social role. In its social role, the Group takes care of owner-customers and society and local communities
on a broader basis.

This is how we led our social role in 2015:

Our loan repayment grace period gave a fillip to the economy

From February until the end of June, OP offered its home loan customers a free-of-charge repayment grace period. Up to 95,000 borrowers snapped up the offer. It is estimated that the repayment grace period has generated an almost almost EUR 450 million injection to the Finnish economy.


We were Finland's far and away largest corporate tax payer

Based on the tax records published in November 2015, OP was Finland's far and away largest corporate tax payer in 2014, totalling EUR 330 million.


We updated our loyalty programme

The Group updated its OP bonus scheme by abandoning the minimum transactions of 5,000 euros. As a result, all transactions entitling to bonuses generate bonuses without the minimum threshold and a larger number of owner-customer now benefit from bonuses.


We decided to donate 5 million euros to Finnish universities

In December, OP decided to donate 5 million euros to Finnish universities in the 2015–17 round of financing. With these donations, OP wants to contribute to the Finnish economy by supporting education and expertise.


We created jobs for young people

A total of 50 member cooperative banks offered about 1,200 summer jobs to teenagers aged 15‒17 in local non-profit organisations. The bank's support to employers was 360 euros per summer employee.


We encouraged Finnish ownership through our "Invest in Finland" opening

In the opening, we ceased to charge trading costs of Finnish equities listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki and offered free-of-charge equity research between 7 December 2015 and 31 March 2016. Moreover, we permanently quit charging subscription fees for OP mutual funds investing in Finland.


Year when things fell into place

The year 2015 was a record year for OP in many
respects. Enabled by our strong profit performance,
we can provide our customers 
with opportunities
for success 
‒ today and tomorrow.





Our 2015 earnings

were the best ever



Our record strong

capital base secures

our lending capacity.



COMMON EQUITY TIER1 RATIO (CET1), Core tier 1 before transitional provisions, %




* Customers = customer bonuses, discounts on insurance policies and
interest on contributions made by owner-customers

The estimate will be confirmed after the end of the financial year.
Strengthening the capital ratio783

A substantial amount of

our earnings return to



We are making

heavy investments in

the development of

digital business and

customer experience.



Estimate for the year 2016: approx. +30%

Cooperative business of modern times

While the operating environment and customer behaviour are changing, OP too is transforming itself. In June 2015, we updated our mission, vision and customer promise. During 2016, we will re-specify our long-term strategy.


By means of our strong capital base and efficiency, we create sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing for our owner-customers and in our operating region.


Customer promice

We exist to serve our customers.



The world's best financial services group owned by customers.






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Responsibility Data (PDF)

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